Did you ever dram of building your Springfield town the way you always wanted to? No problem any more! We are offering you a working Springfield Hack that is not only for free but also easy to handle. After all this time, you will able to generates as much money and as many donuts as you want to.


What do you need the money and donuts for?

There are several things you need money and donuts for in „The Simpsons Springfield“ For once, they can be used to buy premium characters, certain buildings and decoration. Plus, you do not really want to wait all the time until your dream house is finally finished, do you?
By using donuts, you can speed up that progress!
So, why would you deny that possibility to use all these advantages? Our „The Simpsons Springfield Hack“ enables you to benefit of them.

There are a lot people paying to get these advantages for lots of money! You do not have to do that any more. Thanks to our „The Simpsons Springfield Hack apk“ you will get donuts and money for free.

You are wondering what you have to do in order to use the „The Simpsons Springfield Hack“? All you need to do is fill a survey, following the given instructions. The only reason you need do this is to prove that you are human and no bot. It will not take any longer than about 5 minutes.

The only thing that is left to say for me is: Have fun using our hack and playing with all those new advantages!
Any questions left? Have a look at our FAQ section.



How to get free money/donuts:

  1. Scroll down and find the „The Simpsons Springfield Hack“
  2. Enter your username
  3. Chose how many donuts and how many money you want to get
  4. Check your dataNorton Secured powered by VeriSign Logos
  5. Press „generate now“ and here we go!
  6. After the verification of the offer, the progress gets finished
  7. Restart your App





  • Unlimited amoun of donuts
  • Unlimited amoun of money
  • user-friendly interface
  • works without download
  • 100% free of virus, maximum security thanks to online usage
  • compatible with android and iOS
  • Private Proxy-Service -Optional-
  • Anti-Bann security system -Optional-
  • works for all updates of „The Simpsons Springfield“